An IFSA/FWQ membership is a privilege, not a right. When attending or participating in an IFSA-sanctioned event, members must agree to conduct themselves according to the IFSA established Code of Conduct. All IFSA members are responsible for their actions and conduct while attending or participating in all IFSA-sanctioned events. Good sportsmanship is expected and should be cultivated by all IFSA community members, coaches, parents, and event staff.

Good sportsmanship is defined as, but not limited to respect for:

  • Competition Officials
  • Resort Employees
  • Fellow IFSA Competitors and Employees
  • The Skiing and Snowboarding Public
  • The Resort Facilities and Operating Procedures
  • All Run Closures, Rope Lines, Boundaries, and Closed Areas

The use of courtesy and good manners, acting responsibly and maturely, refraining from the use of profane or abusive language, and abstinence from illegal or immoderate use of alcohol and use of illegal or banned drugs is expected.

When an individual violates the IFSA Code of Conduct there may be consequences associated with that misconduct. Depending on how egregious the misconduct is, the IFSA Board of Directors has the authority to impose sanctions, suspension, or expulsion as determined on a case-by-case basis.

Code of Conduct 1

  • IFSA athletes will abide by local, regional, state and federal law while participating in an IFSA event.
  • Athletes will ride in control and obey all mountain signage when riding outside of the venue.
  • Drug and alcohol use by IFSA athletes is prohibited and is grounds for disqualification and suspension.
  • IFSA athletes must observe all rules and codes of conduct of the host mountain.
  • Ducking any rope line or disobeying any obvious signage is prohibited.
  • IFSA athletes must act in a professional manner and exercise good judgment.
  • IFSA athletes will treat each other, event officials, mountain officials, promoters, hosts, organizers, sponsors, coaches, parents, and the general public with respect and kindness.
  • IFSA athletes will refrain from use of abusive language or behavior.
  • IFSA athletes will not steal, deface, or destroy sponsor or organizer/host equipment or signage.

Code of Conduct 2 

IFSA parents and coaches commit to conduct themselves in a manner that honors the sport and demonstrates respect to competition officials, resort employees, fellow IFSA competitors and employees, the skiing and snowboarding public, the resort facilities and operating procedures, as well as any run closures, rope lines, or boundaries. Parents, family members, and athlete supporters commit to all tenants in this “Code of Conduct” and additionally shall:

  • Practice good behavior and never criticize, badger, harass, or threaten any athlete, coach, event staff, or program.
  • Maintain high standards of moral and ethical conduct by exercising self-control and displaying responsible behavior.
  • Respect the physical and emotional well-being of others, and at all times display courtesy and good sportsmanship.
  • Emphasize the value of good sportsmanship, the concepts of positive behavior, and the skills of the sport.
  • Use positive reinforcement with athletes, coaches, and adults alike.
  • Encourage all athletes in a positive manner without distraction to fellow athletes, coaches, parents, or event staff.
  • Provide a positive role model for all athletes and the Freeride community in general.


2023 IFSA North American Qualifiers

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  • Flyin Ryan Hawks
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  • Western Colorado University
  • SHRED Optics
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