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Warren Doyle

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How was the FWQ season for you this year?

The FWQ season this year was a lot of fun. I started off the year super strong, winning 3 out of the first 4 competitions. I feel like I had my best run ever in Kicking Horse where the snow on the venue was perfect. This start gave me a lot of confidence going into the FWQ finals, but the rest of the season was a roller coaster for me. With all the points starting over, I felt a lot of pressure to perform in every comp. After getting 5th in the first finals competition at Crystal, I was not super excited. It was great timing that the next competition happened to be at my home resort in Big Sky, so I knew the terrain really well. It was a relief that I was able to walk away with the win at home. The final competition in Kirkwood didn't have the best conditions, but I took 2nd and that was enough to qualify for the FWT.  

This season was really cool for me because I feel like a lot of the hard work I did over the past couple years really showed, and it led to a successful season. The level of snowboarding in the FWQ's has gone up tremendously over the last few years, which is so exciting to see.

What are you up to this summer preparing for FWT? Any exciting projects planned?

I have been doing a lot of running, biking, and lifting weights in the gym this summer trying to get in shape for the winter. I am currently in my last semester of college at CU Boulder, so I am just trying to finish up classes before graduating in December and taking off for the winter! 

Anyone you look up to or inspires you? Anyone you look forward to competing with on FWT?

There are tons of people that inspire me, for a number of different reasons. John John Florence (surfer) is someone who has incredible style that I want to imitate on the snow. I look up to Sammy Carlson a lot because he always looks like he's have the most fun out of anyone on ski's. And Travis Rice, because, he's the GOAT for backcountry snowboarding.

I am stoked to compete with Blake Moller on tour. He's a super cool kid and an absolute ripper. I am also really excited to see Victor De Le Rue accepted the wildcard, because he is just a legend and I'm a fan.

2023 IFSA North American Qualifiers

  • Backcountry Access
  • Flyin Ryan Hawks
  • CAST
  • Western Colorado University
  • SHRED Optics
  • Booking.com
  • My Wicked Dude
  • Skicom For Freeskiers 1