Junior Mayor of Freeride

jimJack-small-squareThe Mayor of Freeride is a peer nominated award in honor of the late IFSA Head Judge & President Jim Norm Jack.  JNJ was an iconic leader, whose kind hearted, free spirited demeanor helped guide the sport of freeriding to where it's recognized today. These athletes represent all that we love about the sport of Freeriding.

Current mayor and past mayors listed below

2022 Mayor of Freeride


2022 Mayor of Freeride


It’s been a few years since we've had the ability to conduct our annual Junior Mayor of Freeride election. As the community came together at Big Sky, we finally enjoyed this special tradition that honors the spirit and values of Jim Norman Jack, the former IFSA President and head judge for the IFSA, Freeskiing World Tour (FWT) and Junior Freeskiing World Tour (JFT).

We are honored to introduce the
2022 Junior Mayor of Freeride, Ryan Lapp!


A few words about our new Mayor of Freeride from Far West Director of Freeride, Jason Dobbs:

“Ryan Lapp has an infectious stoke that lifts everyone around him. His energetic and full-throttle skiing is only outdone by the support he lends to his peers with keen interest and encouragement. He couples wisdom beyond his years with a youthful exuberance that is cherished by his teammates, fellow competitors, coaches and fans.

In the face of great adversity, Ryan has risen to the occasion this season to embrace the tenets of Freeride:

  • That we must always do our best and be thankful for our opportunities

  • That we remain true as we respect and admire those who rely on us

  • Picking up after a fall and cheering on the competition in the name of sport

  • That we must not squander a moment, for life is filled with possibility. Only by remaining open to change can we perform with focus and resilience, prepared for any challenge the mountains may impart

Ryan has always carried himself in this way, but in light of unimaginable loss endured in 2022, he has been a true beacon within the Freeride community. With a steady and glowing presence, Ryan has led us with strength and impressive positivity, knowing that his late brother Scotty would be so proud of the challenging occasion to which he has risen, in which he has shined brightly, of whom he has honored with reverent actions and words.



By his naturally enthusiastic demeanor, Ryan embodies the Spirit of Freeride better than anyone and will continue to lead the charge as the Mayor of Freeride. Ryan will always #SkiForScotty, maintaining and promoting the sport we love with the most positively imitable vibes while honoring the legacy of his amazing brother."

- Jason Dobbs, Far West Director of Freeride

To learn more, or donate to the #SkiForScotty memorial fund, please see @skiforscotty or visit:

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